Music Mostly

What We’re Listening To: Podcasts

We listen through a subscription to Luminary for their exclusive shows, some on YouTube, and then most “regular” podcasts with the Pocket Casts app on my phone.

Angela’s List

Spooked: weird and spooky stories told by the people who experienced them.

Criminal: true crime stories told by the most chill, most relaxed host ever. Phoebe Judge has the Best voice.

Murder On The Towpath with Soledad O’Brien: well-told true crime story with detours for interesting history and personal profiles of the people involved.

Sweet Boys: casual, off-track conversations about anything/nothing. Bone Spider. Notable for having a complementary YouTube channel. Most of their audience is probably watching on YouTube. You really need to for the full effect.

Under The Skin with Russell Brand: heady, big-brain conversations. We really only like the ones where he interviews other entertainers. I think he also films his show.

Peter’s List

The Command Zone: popular Magic: The Gathering podcast with filmed YouTube versions of each episode, plus lots of specials and bonus content. Notable for being a show that’s doing every trick in the book to be more than just a podcast, and doing it well. Sponsors, Patreon, social media engagement, guests, lush video production.

Song Exploder: beautiful interviews with musicians and their songs. Notable for getting turned into a Netflix show that keeps the exact same format, just filmed with documentary footage spliced in.

Marketplace: traditional NPR radio show that could be boring, but is weirdly fun and interesting.

Revisionist History: An idosyncratic sow from Malcolm Gladwell. Great example of the “one-man-show” with the occasional interview audio.

Twenty Thousand Hertz: a lovely podcast about sound design in movies, TV, and music.

The Great Song Podcast: kind of a low-budget, two-man show with lots of rambling and laughter. Like “Sweet Boys” if they were music-nerd worship pastors from Tennesee. Mostly promote their show via Facebook.