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New Music Megamix April 22nd and 29th, 2022: Luke Combs, PSY, Surf Curse, The Dip

Aren’t you lucky? Another two-week lapse resulted in another mega-catch-up-mix! This time we’re graced with Luke Combs’ tale of heartland heartbreak, PSY’s big comeback, Surf Curse (ooh!), and The Dip (ahh!).

More goodies and oldies from the likes of Marty Stuart, The Brummies, Miko Marks and The Resurrectors, JD McPherson, Ghali, joe p, and Sufjan Stevens. Yes, I’m finally listening to “Carrie and Lowell” and it’s breaking my heart, thank you.

Luke Combs

A new album in June! Somehow, Luke Combs manages to always sound the same, but always even better than the last time. This one seems like the flip of his clever “Dear Today”, but I don’t mind.


To paraphrase one of the adoring YouTube comments you’ll find below this music video, “OMG THEY KILLED IT😭😭😭😭😭”.

Surf Curse

I immediately watched this video again it was so good. This club has everything: guitar, bass, drums, soft times, loud times, another guitar, everything.

The Dip

Have a listen to their whole album! There’s a lot to sing along to here, sometimes it’s more Vulfpeck, sometimes going full Marvin Gaye.

Marty Stuart

The more of Marty Stuart I listen to, the more I’m blown away. Every song is traditional but really fresh and immediately catchy. The modern touches are there, but they just keep things punchy, fun, and weird!

The Brummies

First impressions: The Brummies are Sixties folk fans making music that can sound like The Beatles just as often as My Morning Jacket. I’m in!

Miko Marks and The Resurrectors

Ultra-smooth retro soul, right? I might be late to the Miko Marks party, but I put this on repeat.

JD McPherson

I’m on the fence about some of the singles coming out of JD’s next album. “Manta Ray” is the first one that hooked me. They seem edgier, harder, and artier than before. This could be really good, a fresh take, but it might be a grower.


So Kenton sends me a link to the “Best Song Penne” playlist by Barilla Italia, yes, the pasta company. It’s surprisingly good, the playlist. Later, I start a Spotify playlist radio station and it churns out a delightful mix of exquisite Italian oldies, beats by DJ Premier, and good-timing Italian R&B, Ghali among them. That’s fun!

joe p

I love ultra-specific confessional lyrics like this. Tell me more about the headrest in the Honda Accord! It’s deeply brokenhearted and so much fun. Get obsessed.

Sufjan Stevens

Oh wow. I think I needed some time to grow a little. I don’t think I could have taken a song like this before. It’s maybe the best Sufjan Stevens I’ve ever heard, better than back when “Casimir Pulaski Day” blew my mind. Oh wow.