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New Music Friday, March 4th, 2022: Stromae, Florence + The Machine

It’s Stromae Day! The Belgian rapper, producer, and all-around great artist is back with an album of new music after much too long!!

This feels like a somber and very adult record. Stromae is 36 and concerned! Mid-tempo beats are laced with his characteristic taste for incorporating instruments and styles from around the globe and more singing than we’re used to, even falsetto! Watch his excellent music video for “Sant√©”.

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Florence + The Machine is back to re-conquer the world with “King”. On this track, she’s clawed at by ambition like it’s a fight for her domestic life and I think ambition wins. Listen to Florence Welch drop her voice like Galadriel staring at the One Ring. All shall love Florence + The Machine and despair!

The video’s plot is quite dark, but Florence’s cape and all the dancing make it campy fun. At least until… well, you’ll have to watch.

Like Flo, everyone’s favorite chill-inducing harmonizers Lucius are back after 4 years away. Their third single “Heartbursts” is from the upcoming album “Second Nature”, due April 8th. It’s an 80’s affair with all the keyboard flourishes and rubbery bass of a lush R&B jam. The appeal of their tight vocals and bursts of unison is as strong as ever. Happy dancing!

I don’t anything about MARK or SM STATION:NTC LAB but I dig this altered-state jam. Yes, another jam! There’s bluesy electric guitar, a bass drop, some rap bars, then a honey-sweet chorus, then an angsty moan??, angsty rapping, more singing, and by the end, I’m not sure what it is and that’s kinda great. Perfect for a big mood.