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New Music Friday, June 10th, 2022: Jimmy Eat World, BIGBANG, American Aquarium, The Mountain Goats

This time, we welcome a loud new summer song by Jimmy Eat World, check out American Aquarium’s “Chicamacomico”, catch up on BIGBANG’s comeback, and discover The Mountain Goats have watched too much TV.

Plus: Judah & the Lion, My Morning Jacket, Phoenix

Jimmy Eat World

The retro-metal art on the cover is a little concerning. What I don’t want is a Weezer-like turn towards overt whimsy. We’ll see. For now, “Something Loud” is wound-up, and yes! loud! in a way that feels so good! See also: Japandroids “Celebration Rock”


Deeply offended the internet didn’t tell me about this comeback single. Now a four-piece, BIGBANG watches the seasons pass and keeps their fans guessing about what comes next.

American Aquarium

These are restrained stories of struggle, arguments, grieving, and everything that makes your heart break. I really enjoyed American Aquarium’s country covers albums, but haven’t really heard their originals. Impressed so far!

The Mountain Goats

This will be their fourth album in two years! I’m behind. I must catch up. Looking forward to song titles like “Guys On Every Corner” and “Need More Bandages”.

Judah & the Lion

Welcome to Bonnaroo! The definition of a festival-ready chorus.

My Morning Jacket

Ahh, this version is so good. Wish I could see them live!


The vibing cat meme, but art.