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New Music Friday, February 11, 2022: Spoon, Big Thief

Today brings great new songs from Spoon and Big Thief! Lots of news and interviews on Pitchfork and elsewhere for context and insights.

I’m excited to try this new Big Thief. They’ve intrigued me for a while and I’m a fan, but it can be difficult listening for me, I don’t know why. The new record promises to be sprawling, inviting, and a little raucous.

Content warning: this video has some violence I could do without. But I hope they continue the story!

Meanwhile, Spoon is killing it. Are they classic rock at this point? That’s the media narrative, that they studied ZZ Top until this punchy record cracked the sky and rode down on bolts of rock ‘n roll lightning. Whatever classic rock is (maybe Eddie Vedder knows) I’m just here for Spoon. Really great!

We also got a “strings version” of “Amazing” by Teddy Swims. Enough about strings, the original track is better. It was already shooting for the reception dance floor and getting there! Watch the no-strings performance above and if you’re looking for yet more love, his cover of “You’re Still The One” is stellar.

Content warning: this video will make you cry.

Johnnyswim shared a new one, “Heaven is Everywhere”, but I’m still reeling from “Devastating” so you’re getting that video instead. Yes, it’s the second wedding song here and I’m fine with that!

::cries softly at Johnnyswim some more::