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New Music Friday, April 1st, 2022: Arcade Fire, Paul Cauthen, Shearwater

Paul Cauthen returns with a new album that doubles down on determinedly retro, strutting country. It’s hard to tell if it’s all schtick or desperately earnest. Only more spins of “Country Coming Down” will tell! Luckily it’s great fun.

There’s also the return of moody, shimmering Shearwater, Son Lux and Moses Sumney build a gorgeous fence, The Killers deluxify their “Pressure Machine”, and more. Plus this.

Arcade Fire

Indie rock is dead! Long live indie rock! Seems like this early part of the year has been full of announcements from other scene stalwarts and we’ve finally got more from the biggest, artiest band around. You love to see it.

Paul Cauthen

Remember “Cocaine Country Dancing”? This is more of that, but more of a positive party. It’s all so knowing and wink-nudge but incredibly avoids cynicism. They’re having too much fun. I’d also like to bring to the committee’s attention this duet with Wynonna. Incredible singers!


I kept their album “Animal Joy” in my car for years. They can do some creepy, ethereal ballads, but also driving indie rockers to slot in after Arcade Fire. There’s a subtle menace in the music so it’s never clear if Shearwater might be in danger or if it’s you in danger from Shearwater. That lovely tension makes every track feel urgent and alive.

Son Lux & Moses Sumney

Let’s keep the creep going with a sweeping, cinematic mood. Seems like Son Lux collaborated with top-shelf artists for soundtrack contributions to the new movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once”. This song with Moses Sumney, “Fences”, is often spare and vulnerable, but blooms out like the THX Deep Note.

The Killers

Last year, The Killers released the stark, quasi-unplugged “Pressure Machine”. Now there’s a deluxe version with five versions of album-closer “The Getting By”. Number two electrifies the original into a stadium-crusher sure to open their next show in classic style.

Chris Bathgate

Finger snaps! Organ! Layered Vocals! Synths! Great work from Chris Bathgate. RIYL: Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine, even a little Beach House, The National.

Lecrae, 1k Phew

“He got too many Doves, he dove on ’em”

Straight up the first Lecrae project I really liked. Melodic flows, fresh sounds, positive lyrics, what are you waiting for!