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Best Thing I Heard Second Quarter 2020

These songs showed up during April, May, and June of 2020. That was the start of the coronavirus pandemic. A sad note to begin on. And the pandemic is still in full swing. But I found lots of songs to enjoy. And this post series and this website is about sharing what I enjoy.

“Only Children” by Jason Isbell

“Don’t Know How To Love You” by My Sister, My Brother

“No Handle” by The Panhandlers

“I Will Run” by Dawes

“Misery” by Michigander

“Hold My Beer” by Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen

“Feels Like Church” by Peter CottonTale, Tiff Joy, Kirk Franklin, and New Direction

“Take Me Home” by José James and Lizz Wright

“Dream Within a Dream” by Tristen

“It Doesn’t Matter Now” by Early James

“Dreaming” by Dustbowl Revival

“Don’t Wanna” by HAIM

“Bubble Up” by Eian

“Beautiful” by Rhye

“Saint Cecilia” by The Barr Brothers