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Best Thing I Heard 2012

This time of year, every day brings a new count down or end-of-year list. Pundits spend hundred of words assessing the state of the nation or the top 50 cat fails. My favorites are always the music related lists. It’s so much fun to examine the past year, compare it to other years and remember all of the great tunes. Something about reliving the year through these digests is really satisfying.

3 Super End of Year Lists

Even better, these lists often illuminate new songs and artists that you may have missed. For me, the sugar rush of discovery only adds to the joy and wonder of this Christmas season. Below you’ll find my list of favorites from 2012. There’s no specific order and no “2012 release date” rule, just the best songs I heard this year. Hopefully this list will bring back good memories for you and maybe even the revelation of new a song or two.

Bonus: Got a song you love that you want to share? The playlist is collaborative, so feel free to add your own songs on Spotify.