Best Tracks from 4th Quarter 2014

TV On The Radio, “Quartz” – Tunde Adebimpe is passionate and pleading. Thanks to All Songs Considered for playing this on their show. Hozier, “Someone New” – My true favorite from the much-hyped Hozier record is “Jackie and Wilson” but I don’t want to ruin it. My second favorite is “Someone New”. It’s classic pop […]

Best Tracks from 3rd Quarter 2014

How time flies. It’s crazy. July through September contains so much variety. It’s finally full-summer, but also the beginning of Autumn with football, layers and these colder nights. Musically, there was just a ton of wonderful dance and power pop to enjoy. Almost all of these tracks are up-tempo cuts suitable for driving windows down. […]

Best Tracks from 2nd Quarter 2014

I was just sitting on the balcony outside my apartment, enjoying the hum of air conditioners and the heat of my fading laptop battery, when a passing rain cloud sprinkled the whole place. Not like a downpour, but like the random shower of candy at a parade stop. Except not candy. Still delightful. Like always, […]

Best Tracks from 1st Quarter 2014

Hold up. It was just December. What? As winter finally fades, it’s time to look back on the tracks that made the new year new. I’ve got everything from new releases to new discoveries and a couple artists that just keep hangin’ on. These are my favorite tracks from January – March. Special Mention Without […]

Best Tracks from 4th Quarter 2013

The fourth quarter technically stretches into December, but that’s mostly reissues and holiday tunes so I figured it’d be ok to post the list before then. Roughly divided into three sections, it contains new releases from October and November 2013 as well as a number of previously released tracks that I heard for the first […]

Best Thing I Heard 2012

This time of year, every day brings a new count down or end-of-year list. Pundits spend hundred of words assessing the state of the nation or the top 50 cat fails. My favorites are always the music related lists. It’s so much fun to examine the past year, compare it to other years and remember […]